wings-io Hack, Cheats and Tricks has given slither a run for its money, as it quickly becomes one of the most widely played .io games on the internet. This multiplayer game is renowned for being a ‘massively multiplayer online game’ (MMOG), that can sustain a huge amount of players at once, and simultaneously maintain 20 player arenas.

In, players become fighter planes. This game relies largely on the health component of your character, and users have to ensure that their limited health is always in check. Certain actions will reduce the health of a plane, but the ultimate goal is for you to destroy other characters, and grow stronger as a result.

Much like slither and agar, wings involves the addition of ‘dots’ or ‘blobs’ that act as food. In this instance, the food is presented as ‘suspended orbs’ that linger in space. Your job is to collect these, alongside power ups, while taking down enemy planes. If this doesn’t sound too easy to you, then you’re not alone, and for this reason- we’ve compiled a few beginner tricks for you to try.

Tricks and tips

wings can prove very vicious, and one term used to describe this game consistently on the internet is ‘dog eat dog’. In this particular game, there really are no teams, nor are there any alliances. It’s your job to kill as many other players as possible, so don’t underestimate the instincts of other players. If this sounds daunting, read on for a few simple tips.

Choose your weapon wisely: Choosing the correct weapon can make or break your performance in wings. It’s important that you evaluate the weapons prior to choosing them, and considers the pros and cons. For example, machine guns fire at an extremely fast rate and provide basically unlimited ammunition. However, they don’t create too much damage on the opponent. In contrast, the missile launcher will wreak havoc on other players, but is exceedingly slow to launch.

Loiter strategically: In wings, you can escape to the edges of the map for refuge. This is where players will go when their health is flailing, and they need to recoup. If you loiter by the edges for a while, however, you can catch these ailing players- and kill them with ease. This will allow you to quickly boost your progress, and reduce the chance of you being killed.