Tankar.io Hack, Cheats and Tricks

Tankar.io is the baby of the .io games, having recently joined the ranks as an easy-to-use browser based game. This game focuses on tanks, and uses the W A S D keys for navigation. Your aim? To destroy other tanks by rolling over them, and to avoid the red dots, which pose serious threats to your tank. Aside from using the letter keys to navigate, you can also use the letter R to ‘smoke and run’ the opponent; the letter G to kindly ‘gift mass’ another player and the letter K to commit suicide.

This multiplayer game is particularly friendly, as users are given the option to message each other, and interact using the space bar (and the command /pos to state their position). While this is certainly a platform for maliciousness, it can definitely add an element of community to the game, which sets it apart from Slither and Diep.

A game in progress

Tankar, a newborn of sorts, grew a little beyond it’s capacity- and the creator was recently forced to suspend the game. This isn’t permanent, and fans of the game can expect a newly written game on Javascript. This is certainly a positive step, as players were suffering from serious bugs during gameplay, and the quality was poor in recent months. However, a needed break gives you time to study strategies, which will boost you to the top within minutes of the relaunch.

Tips and tricks

While Tankar is very new, and players have yet to fully master the game its entirety, there are certain tips and tricks you can follow to boost your play.

Be wary of the shapes: The little shapes that litter your map may look innocent, and they are, until they turn red. Once the little shapes change color, they become incredibly destructive, and can wreak havoc on your tank. So be wary, and avoid them at all costs when you see red.

Roll smaller tanks: By rolling over tanks smaller than yourself, you can consume them, and thereby increase your ranking. This is a great way for you to progress, without deploying too many weapons during gameplay.

Save your ammo: Save your ammunition, and deploy it very tactfully, by ensuring that it’s sure to attack (and kill) any tanks you aim it towards. Wasting it will significantly slow your progress later in the game.