supersnake-io-game Hack, Cheats and Tricks

Supersnake certainly sounds like a tribute to the 90s Nokia game. And while there are certainly similarities between the two, Supersnake distinguishes itself as a bold and colorful game, with more complex rules and harder to attain goals than the original arcade game.

When playing this multiplayer, browser based game you have multiple obstacles to avoid. You can’t collide with the walls, as much like in the original Snake, this will kill you. There are also high level snakes, that will attempt to eat you, but that you cannot eat. On top of this, you have to be actively absorbing dots.

The dots are color coded, and each color symbolizes a different benefit. Red dots are for low level snakes to grow, green dots are for protective purposes, blue dots increase speed, purple dots increase doses of venom (you can spit poison in this fancy game!) and gold dots allow you to become a coveted ‘supersnake’. The aim of the game is for you to ultimately move up the ranks or ‘levels’ of snakehood, in the interest of you becoming a higher level snake, that can eat lower ones and gain access to gold points.

Tips and tricks is largely considered a skill based game, and there are certain tips for you to follow, that can help you increase your skill and better achieve success.

Eat: In many, similar games successful players will recommend that you focus on attacking other snakes as opposed to eating dots. In Supersnake, however, it’s strongly recommended that you consume as many red and green dots as you can. As the dots all provide unique benefits, they can ultimately prove much more useful than consuming snakes, which simply levels you up.

Use your venom sparingly: In Supersnake, you can spit venom at other snake’s heads, and this will ‘neutralize’ the threat (kill them). However, don’t be tempted to use your venom too frequently. If you’re being pursued by a high level snake, first try to escape physically, and then opt for the attack. This is because it’s difficult for you to boost your venom levels throughout the game, and poison may prove useful later on, particularly when competing with Supersnakes.

Don’t forget explosives: Many players forget the option of explosives. By placing explosives beside the head of a bigger snake, you can decrease their ranking by 10 levels. While this won’t kill them, it will reduce their threat significantly.