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If you love the game, and enjoyed the original arcade game ‘Snake’, then you’ll delight in This game is a cross between the two, and provides the characteristics of a worm, with the challenges posed by many classic games: surviving the attack of your opponents.

How To Play

Playing Snake couldn’t be any easier. In order to progress, you must simply avoid being eaten by other players, and subsequently eat your opponents in order to grow larger. You can also eject some of your mass to move faster, and become a lighter load, as well kill other players to grow stronger. You can move by tapping your cellphone screen, or by using the arrow keys on your computer.

A Multifaceted Game for Android can be played both online and offline, making it the ideal download for your mobile, as it can be played on the game. There are no commercials, not lags and no problems overall: making this a worthy addition to your growing catalog. APK Download

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