slither-io Hack, Cheats and Tricks is an internet phenomenon, taking the world by storm, despite the fact that it was released mere months ago. Widely dubbed as the ‘Snake’ of the millennial generation, this multiplayer browser (and mobile) based game draws from the retro charm of the original game Snake.

However, the upgrades featured in this game are truly what brings the original concept into modern day gaming. The leaderboard, customizable nicknames, mods and plugins add a level of complexity to an otherwise basic game- and provide a level of engagement that Snake always lacked.

The ultimate goal in Slither is for players to reach the leaderboard. Reaching the leaderboard means having your name displayed for all to see, and it also means that your worm is one of the top 10 largest in the game. And this is no easy feat. For those unaware, the functions in Slither are incredibly simple (which is, in part, the reason why this game is so addictive). To move your avatar, you use your arrow keys on a computer- or simply tap the direction you wish the worm to move on the screen of your phone. To boost, you hold spacebar or double tap. And that’s really all you need to know. hacks for the win

There are different approaches you can take to Slither, and below we’ve outlined a few contrasting strategies for you to experiment with.

Attack/Defensive play: This strategy, as the name suggests, involves you playing both defensively and on the attack. This involves you directly attacking other snakes, by coiling around and boosting in front of them, as well as you boosting away from other attacking snakes and crossing yourself to avoid headbutts.

This is a pretty obvious strategy, and one many players would naturally opt for. It’s important to note that this is a pretty hard strategy to sustain, however, particularly if you attack from the get go. If everyone is playing both defensively and aggressively, the chances of you all dying is significantly increased.

Slow but steady: This strategy involves you starting slowly, by drifting and collecting dots to increase your boosting potential. While you’re still small, consider trailing a much larger snake, and consuming any casualties that they’re both aware and unaware of (many smaller worms can inadvertently crash into larger worms, and you can profit from this). Once you’ve slowly but significantly increased the size of your avatar, you can then play aggressively, particularly by attacking smaller snakes.

Feed against the grain: This strategy is directly related to the way you feed on dots left by dead worms. The idea behind this technique is that large amounts of dots attract many competitors. In order to avoid head on collision, feed against the grain or direction of the pile. If the dots are arranged vertically, dive in there horizontally, and avoid other snakes.