Mod by SlitherPlus

SlitherPlus is a chrome mod that makes key changes to, in the interest of providing you with customizable skins, and creating additions to your game that will help you progress more easily. This is an excellent Mod for players that like a more personalized experienced, or who are growing tired of the repetitiveness of Slither’s original gameplay.

Fun and Original

Originality is key to this extension, and you’ll find some very unique features. SlitherPlus, for example, allows your to connect with your friends on the same server. This is an excellent function, that resolves a problem many groups of friends encounter. Likewise, this Mod also allows you to run slither on a low-end system by modifying the background. This resolves a key issue for many players.

A Firm Advantage

SlitherPlus provides users with a variety of fun skins and backgrounds to choose from, which are all entertaining to say the least. However, the added functions on the technical side are sure to improve your gameplay, and provide a definite advantage to players. Mod Download