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Supersnake certainly sounds like a tribute to the 90s Nokia game. And while there are certainly similarities between the two, Supersnake distinguishes itself as a bold and colorful game, with more complex rules and harder to attain goals than the original arcade game.

When playing this multiplayer, browser based game you have multiple obstacles to avoid. You can’t collide with the walls, as much like in the original Snake, this will kill you. There are also high level snakes, that will attempt to eat you, but that you cannot eat. On top of this, you have to be actively absorbing dots. Continue reading Hack, Cheats and Tricks Hack, Cheats and Tricks is an internet phenomenon, taking the world by storm, despite the fact that it was released mere months ago. Widely dubbed as the ‘Snake’ of the millennial generation, this multiplayer browser (and mobile) based game draws from the retro charm of the original game Snake.

However, the upgrades featured in this game are truly what brings the original concept into modern day gaming. The leaderboard, customizable nicknames, mods and plugins add a level of complexity to an otherwise basic game- and provide a level of engagement that Snake always lacked. Continue reading Hack, Cheats and Tricks Hack, Cheats and Tricks is the latest multiplayer, browser based game to take the internet by storm. It follows in the successful steps of both and, and is set to achieve a similar level of popularity, once gamers turn their attention to this addictive and ultimately very simplistic game.

Unlike, which uses worms (snakes?) as avatars or which uses large blobs, has tanks available for players to live vicariously through. The aim of the game is simple: use your tank to destroy enemy tanks. The purpose? Fun. Lots of fun. Continue reading Hack, Cheats and Tricks