Hack, Cheats and Tricks is a great option for fans of warfare games, who are looking for a more simplified version of their regular and very complex shooting games. Vertix is a fun, multiplayer game that allows you to shoot to your heart’s content- while entering different GameModes and exploring different dimensions. Since its release a number of years ago, Vertix has racked up quite a following, meaning that there are no shortage of players to compete against or alongside in this game. Continue reading Hack, Cheats and Tricks Hack, Cheats and Tricks sets itself apart from other io games, by taking place in a different sphere entirely. In this multiplayer, browser based game, you’re a spaceship. Your job is to shoot other planets, using various keys on your keyboard, with the intention of moving up the leaderboard. This is all very simple, which largely explains this game’s popularity, as the simplicity of io games is a key reason for their addictiveness. Continue reading Hack, Cheats and Tricks Hack, Cheats and Tricks is the baby of the .io games, having recently joined the ranks as an easy-to-use browser based game. This game focuses on tanks, and uses the W A S D keys for navigation. Your aim? To destroy other tanks by rolling over them, and to avoid the red dots, which pose serious threats to your tank. Aside from using the letter keys to navigate, you can also use the letter R to ‘smoke and run’ the opponent; the letter G to kindly ‘gift mass’ another player and the letter K to commit suicide. Continue reading Hack, Cheats and Tricks