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Fans of will love This game shares many similarities to slither, with the main distinction being that limax uses slugs as avatars, as opposed to snakes (or worms, depending on how you perceive those creatures).

Limax uses very similar functions to slither, and the goal is keeping with most other .io games currently available to players. In limax, your aim is to increase in size. In this instance, however, your size refers to your weight. The fatter your slug is, the more successful you are, and the higher you’ll find yourself on the leaderboard. Much like in other .io games, your success in limax relies on two components: you killing other players to increase in size, and you consuming the mass left behind by other players. Continue reading Hack, Cheats and Tricks Hack, Cheats and Tricks was the founding member of the .io family. This game inspired countless others, including the vastly popular game ‘’, which is currently entertaining the millennial generation by the millions.

agar, however, has not been forgotten. The browser based game still attract thousands of players, excited by the idea of a game that takes place in a petri dish, and the simplicity that this offers. During gameplay, users are dropped onto a map made of agar jelly, and are tasked with making their cell grow bigger. Players can grow their cells by consuming other cells, while being wary of other players who may attempt to eat them. The whole game is very simple, and very colorful, making it a fun and carefree addition to the internet- and to your day to day life. Continue reading Hack, Cheats and Tricks