Diep.io APK Download


The creators of Agar.io recently released Diep.io, a web/mobile based game that involves shooting tanks and destroying other players. The game is not, however, a realistic warfare game. Instead it uses simple shapes, block colors and easy to identify patterns throughout- making it a very unique game.

How To Play

As you begin playing Diep.io, you’re given a limited selection of weapons. However, as you progress, you’ll be able to level up your tanks and unlock new choices. You can also, as you progress, customize your tanks. In order to progress, you must attack as many competitors as you can, by using command keys or tapping your screen. You must destroy blocks, and also avoid any attacks directed at you by other players. Continue reading Diep.io APK Download

Agar.io APK Download


Agar.io is a fun play on a scientific petri dish, and the game revolves around cells, although no scientific knowledge is needed to play or succeed at Agar. Playing is simple, and climbing the ranks is relatively achievable, providing you follow a few simple guidelines.

A Guide To Agar.io

Gameplay revolves around you consuming other cells, as you attempt to grow larger. However, other players are doing the same, so as you look to progress- you should actively avoid your competitors by tapping away from them. If you manage to last long enough without being eaten, you can rise the ranks, and watch as your chosen username hits the leaderboards. Continue reading Agar.io APK Download

Slither.io APK Download


Slither.io is the answer to your next obsession. This addictive little game, available both online and on your Android device, is 2016’s answer to the classic ‘Snake’. Slither revolves around a worm, that you control with a tap or your keypad, in the interest of destroying other players and consuming their remains.

How To Play Slither

Playing Slither.io is simple. You tap the direction in which you want your worm to navigate, and you also avoid the bodies of other worms, or else the game will end. In order to grow in size, and navigate the rankings, you eat the remains left by dead worms. You can either attack your competitors head on (by literally hitting their head with your own) or scour the map, looking for remains left behind by other players. Continue reading Slither.io APK Download