Nebulous Game

Nebulous is a wonderfully simple member of the .io family, where players don’t assume the shape or form of any otherworldly creature, but are simply blobs. In this game, your aim is to collect other blobs, with the intention of becoming the biggest blob on the board. Unlike other .io games, this is an exclusively mobile based game, available on Android and iPhone. And while there are some unofficial web hosts – there is, to date, no official nebulous website.

The blobs are a little nondescript, and the whole game is very vague, as one would expect from the name nebulous. There is a slight feeling that you’re playing in the outer universe, however, due to the presence of black holes. These black holes play significantly into some of the strategies, outlined below for your convenience. The game can also be played in different game modes, allowing you to change your role within the game, and alter the dynamics of your play (for example you can play alone or with others).

Winning strategies

Because Nebulous is a purely mobile based game, there is significantly less of a cult following than other .io games. Nonetheless, players that do play, do so with commitment and agility. It’s therefore in your best interest to follow a few simple strategies, particularly if you’re a new player, that will significantly improve your gameplay and help you compete more evenly with other users.

Black hole savvy: The most popular strategy in Nebulous is one that involves gameplay with black holes. In this game, you disregard any other defense mechanism, and use the black holes as a hiding place- and as a means of escape.

At the beginning of the game, when you’re small, you should aim to hide within the black holes when you feel threatened. Later on, when you grow larger, you should look to move black holes into the path of other players- by ejecting your mass. The idea behind this strategy is that you use the black holes as your weapon, in a game that provides no ammunition or weaponry.

Break and reassemble: The ‘Break and reassemble’ strategy involves your breaking your blob into two separate pieces, with the intention of moving faster and escaping your prey more efficiently. Splitting your blob will give you an energy boost, and your blob will later recombine, meaning that no permanent damage will be caused.