Mitosis: The Game

Mitosis is a fun, entertaining io game that shares many similarities with Much like Agar, Mitosis takes place in the world of cells. For those that aren’t familiar with cellular biology, the term ‘mitosis’ refers to the splitting of cells in a body, particularly during reproductive stages.

In keeping with this definition, the game Mitosis focuses primarily on cells- and the splitting of cells across a map that closely resembles the board used in Agar.

In Mitosis, players become the cells. The aim of the game is to fight off other cells, in order to progress for as long as possible, and rise the ranks of the leaderboard. Like other .io games, there are little blobs for you to consume, that will organically increase your mass. However, eating other players is the main way for you to increase in size, and essentially the purpose of this game.

Like Agar, Mitosis is addictive and challenging, particularly as the random multiplayer format allows you to compete with some seriously experienced players. In order for you to progress as quickly as possible, we’ve outlined a few simple tips and tricks for you to experiment with, in the interest of saving you time.

Tips and tricks

Mitosis has a number of interesting features, intended to give you more functions during gameplay. As expected, you can divide your cell, and this function is in reference to the term Mitosis. To divide your cell, press spacebar, and ensure that both your cells are accounted for. To reunite them, you can simply absorb one by using the other. This is one trick, however- and there are plenty of other tips for you to explore before playing.

Eat the blobs: In mitosis, you can only eat other cells if you are bigger than them. For this reason, before you can even consider consuming someone else, you have to build your own mass. To build your mass, consume the blobs or colored ‘pellets’ that are scattered around the board- and keep an eye on your mass stats.

Be wary of cornering: Some players will work together to corner you, and this will typically happen when a medium sized cell starts to navigate towards you, with a set of larger cells trailing closely behind. Cornering is usually done in corners of the board, and results from allegiances between users or friends. One way to overcome cornering is to split your cell, and the other is to move away from groups of cells that you are unable to eat preemptively.

Divide strategically: Dividing is a great defense mechanism, and one you should definitely seek to use in appropriate circumstances. However, it’s important to remember that the smaller you are- the more vulnerable you are. You should therefore actively seek to divide in situations where you’re surrounded by smaller cells, or in circumstances where you know at least one of your halves can survive an attack. If you divide too freely, you run this risk of being killed immediately.