limax-io Hack, Cheats and Tricks

Fans of will love This game shares many similarities to slither, with the main distinction being that limax uses slugs as avatars, as opposed to snakes (or worms, depending on how you perceive those creatures).

Limax uses very similar functions to slither, and the goal is keeping with most other .io games currently available to players. In limax, your aim is to increase in size. In this instance, however, your size refers to your weight. The fatter your slug is, the more successful you are, and the higher you’ll find yourself on the leaderboard. Much like in other .io games, your success in limax relies on two components: you killing other players to increase in size, and you consuming the mass left behind by other players.

In limax, however, you must kill players by setting traps. This makes the game a little more intricate, and helps distinguish it from other similar games. Unfortunately, it also means that ranking high on the leaderboard is a little more challenging, and that you’ll need to play strategically in order to excel.

Strategies for success

The idea of strategies for a game this simple may seem a little unnecessary. However, simple games are often the hardest to excel at, as everyone tends to play at a consistently low level. By learning these strategies, you can rise above the rest, and obliterate other slugs in ways that are difficult for opponents to avoid.

Corner your enemies: limaxio presents a lot of obstacles to players. Not only do you have to avoid walls, but you also have to avoid any traps put forward by the enemy. For this reason, slugs can be found moving erratically, particularly if they’re stuck in tight corners. One strategy is for you to create tight corners. Wait for a slug to approach a wall, and as they begin to swerve away, go for the kill.

Strategize your traps: This isn’t a strategy so much as a basic rule for limax. In order for you to succeed, you have to consider the best place to set your trap. We recommend by walls, or in areas saturated by unknowing players.