Diep.io Hack, Cheats and Tricks

diep.io is the latest multiplayer, browser based game to take the internet by storm. It follows in the successful steps of both Agar.io and Slither.io, and is set to achieve a similar level of popularity, once gamers turn their attention to this addictive and ultimately very simplistic game.

Unlike Slither.io, which uses worms (snakes?) as avatars or Agar.io which uses large blobs, Diep.io has tanks available for players to live vicariously through. The aim of the game is simple: use your tank to destroy enemy tanks. The purpose? Fun. Lots of fun.

What sets diep.io apart from other, similar games is the added utilities. While gameplay is simple, and largely involves you using your arrow keys to navigate and left click (or spacebar) to shoot- it has level up bars and stats for you to upgrade. This provides a more complex setup for you to enjoy, as well as more of a purpose to the game.

Your ultimate goal is to navigate through the ranks, and get to Tank Level 15, where you’ll be able to choose your ‘tank class’ . There are 4 tank classes for you to choose from, and each will provide a unique benefit for you to enjoy. Once you’ve achieved this goal, you can then set your sights on Level 30 or 45, both of which will provide even more additions for you to enjoy.


Strategies for success

The game is simple, straightforward and easy for beginners to enjoy. However, this isn’t to say that hardcore players haven’t devised certain strategies for success. Most of the strategies rely on you upgrading strategically, although this isn’t to say that the way you play the game (for example aggressively or defensively) won’t affect the outcome.

Upgrades: According to various sources, one of the most effective ways to rapidly gain success is for you to upgrade in the Big Gun Order. The order is as follows:

First, upgrade to Bullet Damage. Then, Bullet Penetration and finally Bullet Destroyer. Damage will prove effective throughout the game, even after you’ve upgraded more fully. Penetration will provide a good foundation for you to use prior to upgrading to Destroyer. Bullet Speed is simply a handy upgrade to have, as it increases the amount of bullets you can shoot in a short period of time. Combined, these upgrades will provide you with a strong and effective weapon.

Defensive Play: A strategy that involves upgrades, but that also focuses on how you react as a player, is to act defensively by creating an impenetrable stream of bullets. The idea behind this tactic, is that if you’re always on the attack, enemy bullets won’t be able to reach you- as they’ll be deflected by your bullets.