Diep.io APK Download


The creators of Agar.io recently released Diep.io, a web/mobile based game that involves shooting tanks and destroying other players. The game is not, however, a realistic warfare game. Instead it uses simple shapes, block colors and easy to identify patterns throughout- making it a very unique game.

How To Play

As you begin playing Diep.io, you’re given a limited selection of weapons. However, as you progress, you’ll be able to level up your tanks and unlock new choices. You can also, as you progress, customize your tanks. In order to progress, you must attack as many competitors as you can, by using command keys or tapping your screen. You must destroy blocks, and also avoid any attacks directed at you by other players.

An Interactive game

Diep.io for Android is more interactive than Agar, mostly because you have so much more freedom to customize your game play. This is very engaging, and an excellent download for your cellphone, or website to log in your laptop.

Diep.io APK Download

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