Hack, Cheats and Tricks was the founding member of the .io family. This game inspired countless others, including the vastly popular game ‘’, which is currently entertaining the millennial generation by the millions.

agar, however, has not been forgotten. The browser based game still attract thousands of players, excited by the idea of a game that takes place in a petri dish, and the simplicity that this offers. During gameplay, users are dropped onto a map made of agar jelly, and are tasked with making their cell grow bigger. Players can grow their cells by consuming other cells, while being wary of other players who may attempt to eat them. The whole game is very simple, and very colorful, making it a fun and carefree addition to the internet- and to your day to day life. Continue reading Hack, Cheats and Tricks Hack, Cheats and Tricks is a great option for fans of warfare games, who are looking for a more simplified version of their regular and very complex shooting games. Vertix is a fun, multiplayer game that allows you to shoot to your heart’s content- while entering different GameModes and exploring different dimensions. Since its release a number of years ago, Vertix has racked up quite a following, meaning that there are no shortage of players to compete against or alongside in this game. Continue reading Hack, Cheats and Tricks