APK Download

slitherio-apk-download is the answer to your next obsession. This addictive little game, available both online and on your Android device, is 2016’s answer to the classic ‘Snake’. Slither revolves around a worm, that you control with a tap or your keypad, in the interest of destroying other players and consuming their remains.

How To Play Slither

Playing is simple. You tap the direction in which you want your worm to navigate, and you also avoid the bodies of other worms, or else the game will end. In order to grow in size, and navigate the rankings, you eat the remains left by dead worms. You can either attack your competitors head on (by literally hitting their head with your own) or scour the map, looking for remains left behind by other players. Continue reading APK Download

Mitosis: The Game

Mitosis is a fun, entertaining io game that shares many similarities with Much like Agar, Mitosis takes place in the world of cells. For those that aren’t familiar with cellular biology, the term ‘mitosis’ refers to the splitting of cells in a body, particularly during reproductive stages.

In keeping with this definition, the game Mitosis focuses primarily on cells- and the splitting of cells across a map that closely resembles the board used in Agar. Continue reading Mitosis: The Game

Nebulous Game

Nebulous is a wonderfully simple member of the .io family, where players don’t assume the shape or form of any otherworldly creature, but are simply blobs. In this game, your aim is to collect other blobs, with the intention of becoming the biggest blob on the board. Unlike other .io games, this is an exclusively mobile based game, available on Android and iPhone. And while there are some unofficial web hosts – there is, to date, no official nebulous website. Continue reading Nebulous Game