agario Hack, Cheats and Tricks was the founding member of the .io family. This game inspired countless others, including the vastly popular game ‘’, which is currently entertaining the millennial generation by the millions.

agar, however, has not been forgotten. The browser based game still attract thousands of players, excited by the idea of a game that takes place in a petri dish, and the simplicity that this offers. During gameplay, users are dropped onto a map made of agar jelly, and are tasked with making their cell grow bigger. Players can grow their cells by consuming other cells, while being wary of other players who may attempt to eat them. The whole game is very simple, and very colorful, making it a fun and carefree addition to the internet- and to your day to day life.

Strategies for the win

Games as old as agar typically have a strong cult following, and is really no exception to this rule. Hundreds of strategies, tips and tricks have been shared on the internet since the early days of release- and we’ve compiled a few of them, in the interest of providing you with the easiest and most memorable ways to excel in this simple game.

Ditch the dots: In the past, players would recommend that you build up your cell initially, by consuming the dots that are freely available for you to eat. However, over time, players have found that enemies use the dots as bait. They wait for new users to begin quietly consuming the dots, and then viciously attack them. This means that instead of focusing on the dots, you should direct your attention at the opponents, and concentrate on eating them instead.

Consider your position:

When playing agar, don’t underestimate the power of your position. Where you locate yourself on the map, and more specifically beside who, can truly affect your outcome. A few popular strategies are for you to hide behind larger players (who won’t bother you as you’re too small); hangout by viruses so you become a little more risky to other players looking to consume you; travel between two pieces on larger players and string a virus between two pieces of yourself.

These are all deterrents, that will keep the enemies at bay. Do remember, however, that positioning yourself carries risks if you aren’t a little experienced.