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agario-apk-download is a fun play on a scientific petri dish, and the game revolves around cells, although no scientific knowledge is needed to play or succeed at Agar. Playing is simple, and climbing the ranks is relatively achievable, providing you follow a few simple guidelines.

A Guide To

Gameplay revolves around you consuming other cells, as you attempt to grow larger. However, other players are doing the same, so as you look to progress- you should actively avoid your competitors by tapping away from them. If you manage to last long enough without being eaten, you can rise the ranks, and watch as your chosen username hits the leaderboards.

A Varied Game

As you become more acquainted with Agar, you’ll realize that this is a varied game, with more challenges than you would initially believe. You can split your cell, shrink your cell and learn new skills to help protect yourself from any attacks. APK Download

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